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Reviewing Jitlada Thai Restuarant In Hollywood With ‘Simpsons’ GIFs

As I’ve said many times on this site, I love The Simpsons. The latest episodes have a lot to be desired, but the first 10-12 seasons of the show are absolute television perfection. So when I got the invite to try out Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s favorite restaurant Jitlada in Hollywood, I was so there. My hero’s love for the Thai restaurant is well-documented — in the media and in the restaurant itself, which is has a wall filled with Groening doodles. And any food that inspires such genius, well, I just gotta try.

Matt Groening’s Wall At Jitlada

I went in with the Platful team and foodie friend Emily of Sample Platter armed with cameras and lots of Thai iced tea. The latter became a big must because Chef Tui’s gorgeous and delicious dishes come spicy — but not just in the way that lights your tongue aflame. This is a kinder, gentler spiciness that sneaks up on you while you’re in awe of the beauty of the food and the exuberance of the flavors of the never-ending menu, which contains tons of Tui’s family recipes (yowza!). Luckily, the food can be made non-spicy, or extra spicy, known as “Jitlada spicy.” The Thai iced tea, if you didn’t know, has the wonderful power of calming that fire on your tongue and let you eat more. And thus the cycle continues.


Chef Tui & Jazz

So what better way to take y’all through the best dishes at Jitlada than through the drawings of Groenin g himself — Simpsons GIFs? Check ’em out below.

Mango Salad


giphy (25)

Morning Glory Salad


giphy (28)

Pork Glass Noodles


giphy (24)

Crying Tiger Beef


giphy (32)

Tumeric Fried Chicken Wings


giphy (31)

Tempted? In love? Then get thee to Jitlada! Remember to order some Thai iced tea, too. You’ll thank me later.

giphy (30)


Photos by Eric Shin; GIFs from Giphy

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