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The Kitchen At Westwood Hosts A Couch Potato Cook Food Influencer Tasting

Last month, I was invited to try some of the epic traditional and fusion Turkish delights for lunch at The Kitchen At Westwood by UCLA. Each dish was more beautiful and delicious than the one before it and by the end of the meal, the family-owned restaurant was down to host our first food influencer tasting event! Our favorite foodies came out to try and snap The Kitchen’s eats, which included even more mouth-watering dishes and one was even featured on the Infatuation LA, thanks to an amazing photo by foodie friend Tanaya’s Table!

Among the incredible yummy dishes we had were breakfast pide (Turkish pizza) with egg, pizza boats, awesome salads, beef and chicken doner, baklava, creamy hummus, doner pizza, The Kitchen Ravioli (Manti), falafel, and so much more! Thank you to The Kitchen at Westwood for the delicious food and being such terrific hosts to a group of enthusiastic foodies. Check out the food pics and videos below.

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