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TV Characters Who Are Total Foodies

For the kind of work that I do, I have to watch a lot of TV and eat a lot of different food. Sometimes, those worlds intersect, like when I write about the covert dish Chang made on Orange is the New Black or what prison food is really like on, well, OITNB (I do write about other shows — and Kardashians! — too, I promise). 

Since I’m a “foodie” (even though the NY Times says that term is going out of style), I have a deep appreciation for other characters who love food just as much as I do. And I don’t just mean characters who enjoy a good meal once in a while — I mean characters who consider food a huge part of their being. Often, it’s played for laughs in comedy series, but it works, because as George Bernard Shaw put it, “There is no sincerer love than love of food.” Ain’t that the truth.

So as I’ve been writing about and watching TV for work, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite TV character foodies.

Bob Belcher On Bob’s Burgers

giphy (27)

Bob loves his family so much he’ll go undercover at a toy horse convention (and he did for Tina). The other thing he loves is his burgers and as we saw in the episode “Best Burger,” he wants them to be perfect. Plus, if you notice the Bob’s Burger of the Day board, all of his burgers are different and are super creative. Obviously the work of a foodie.

Jake The Dog On Adventure Time


Jake unabashedly loves a lot of things and food is definitely one of them. From his “Everything Burrito” to “Bacon Pancakes” and his perfect sandwich, Jake is one dog who loves his grub.

Joey Tribbiani On Friends


How you doin’? I love this GIF so much I used it twice. Joey loves the ladies, sure, but do not get between Joey and his food. I mean, this guy once protected his sandwich when he thought he heard gunshots. Joey will eat everything you make for Thanksgiving (even Rachel’s meat trifle), adores Toblerones, and has an enduring love for sandwiches. Just remember: JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!

Liz Lemon On 30 Rock


Liz Lemon loves her “night cheese,” eats while exercising, and has the right idea when it comes to going to bars.  You should also steer clear of stealing her food.

Homer Simpson On The Simpsons

junk food Homer Simpson

Donuts, sandwiches, Pinchy the Lobster, Krusty Burger, Apu’s expired hot dogs, Gummy Venus De Milo — I could be here all day naming Homer Simpson’s culinary obsessions, but I’ll stop there. Homer loves his TV and beer, but also his delicious food.

Cookie Monster On Sesame Street

giphy (32)

The original foodie. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me. But not for Cookie Monster — he’s got really deep thoughts when it comes to food, just like a foodie would.

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