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Q&A With Malik Amandla, ‘Food For Love’ Film

Have you ever made a meal that was a true labor of love? I’ve always found that the best dishes (and desserts) I’ve made were the ones I gave my all and truly enjoyed making — for other people, and for myself. But what happens when the joy is gone? It’s something that director/writer Malik Amandla is exploring in his upcoming film Food For Love, which is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.
The movie follows a chef named Meagan, who shows her love for her boyfriend via the meals she makes for him, but when he betrays her, can she overcome her heartbreak and depression to rediscover her love of food? That question shall be answered in the film, which is seeking $2,000 to fund the production. Amandla heads up a crew of alums from California State University Northridge’s film program.
For now, Amandla was able to answer a few other questions for me about Food For Love, the craft services table, and where to eat in SoCal.

What is the inspiration behind Food For Love? What do you think is the link between food and emotions?

I was inspired by the realization that I most often bond with loved ones over food. Then I thought how powerful it must feel to be the chef creating the meal that you bond over with someone you love. And what happens if that person is no longer in your life? How does that effect your relationship with food and yourself?

Food has forever been deeply linked with love (romantic dates, lunch with friends, dinner with family). In our Food for Love film, we explore what happens when the connection between a chef and her boyfriend is severed after he betrays her. 

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What will the Indiegogo funds go toward?

The Indiegogo funds will go toward making a high quality film using lighting equipment, gear rentals, wardrobe, makeup, multiple locations, props, transportation, and of course food. Food is a huge component in this film, we want it to look amazing and filled with love! Once Food for Love is completed, we will submit it to film festivals.

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What is your go-to snack from the craft services table?

If there are blue berry muffins at the craft services table, then the craftee becomes my best friend. 

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Southern California? 

I enjoy Michael’s Burgers in Canoga Park and Norm’s in Burbank. Norm’s has a diverse menu but I always end up getting their breakfast steak, egg, and bacon burrito with avocado. So Good!
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Check out Food For Love on Twitter, Instagram, Indiegogo, and Facebook.
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