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That Time @CouchPotatCook Was On The Food Network!

Not long after that whole Instagram deletion drama occurred, some producers from the Food Network’s TV show Kitchen Sink contacted me, asking if they could use my IG photo of K Ramen Burger Beer’s delicious Chicken Wings. I said yes, not thinking much of it. Fast-forward to Sunday, Jan. 29 and @CouchPotatoCook was on the Food Network! It was a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment — and in fact, I missed it twice and took a very blurry photo of it, but it still happened and it was still exciting!

It’s a bit full circle for me, because I used to watch the Food Network all the time (when I had cable) while I was going to USC for grad school and this blog began in 2013 with a quote that used to be used in a Food Network late-night bumper. This is the second time we’ve been featured on TV; last year, our Giant Sushi Roll video was featured on Discovery Canada. Too cool!

Check out my blurry photo below! (And a better look at the Chicken Wing photo above.)

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