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DAVIDsTea In Culver City Fall Flavors & Tour

Labor Day Weekend is over and now we’re in that awkward it’s-almost-fall-but-not-really-summer-anymore time. The “PSL” (Pumpkin Spice Latte) and all pumpkin-related flavors are back, but Halloween isn’t here just yet. I got the chance to preview the fall flavors of DAVIDsTea and they’ll have you wanted to ditch the PSL for Pumpkin Chai tea and their many other amazing Autumn flavors, like Pom Cider, Carrot Cupcake, Nutty Granola Crunch, and more. 

The Pumpkin Chai came highly recommended and it did not disappoint. It’s a sweet black tea spiced with caramel, pumpkin candies, cinnamon and cloves — it tastes just like fall! I recommend Pom Cider as well, if you’re looking for a black tea with a fruity, but deep, rich flavor. I’ve been super into tea and DAVIDsTeas since I was invited to check out the brand new shop in Westfield Culver City Mall last month, which made me think of tea in a whole new way. Forget thinking of tea as just plain tea bags your mom forces on you when you go home for Christmas. DAVIDsTea is not your momma’s tea.


The very knowledgeable Laurie gave me the whole low down about tea basics (from black and oolong to mate and roobios) as well as the brand’s flavorful teas, which include creative and tasty flavors from traditional oolong and green tea to fun flavors like Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Macaroon. Sure, those sound super sweet — and that’s what I expected from Cotton Candy when I tried it — but it wasn’t sugary at all. The Cotton Candy tea really let the flavor shine and it wasn’t overpowered by sweetness at all. It was a true cotton candy flavor in a way that I had never experienced. The tea didn’t require any sweetener either — it was truly refreshing and tasty all on its own.


I also tried Cream of Earl Grey, their yummy version of one of my favorite tea flavors, and an iced Matcha tea from DAVIDsTea’s extensive Matcha collection. Matcha can be tricky to make for the casual tea drinker, but Laurie showed me the brand’s Matcha mixer and the process never looked easier. The tea gadgets from DAVIDsTea have totally changed my tea-drinking life, too — their infuser mug, tea filters, Perfect Spoons, and iced tea press have made indulging in a nice cuppa not only easier, but more fun at home.

I’m seriously looking forward to my next visit to restock on tea — and check out what’s new, too, of course. Check out more pics and videos below!

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  1. I love the video here because it gives me a nice little sneak peak. But of all of the tea’s, the Earl Grey sounds like it would be so delicious!!!! Okie doke, gotta make my way over there =]

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